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Barbed and Barbless Wire Fence

Barbed Wire Fences

Most barbed wire fences have either 3, 4 or 5 strands of 12.5 gauge wire spaced approximately 10 inches apart in most cases utilizing T-125 or T-133 line posts or Tee Post. The 1.33 refers to the weight per ft. of the post, so the bigger the number the heavier the t-post, typically 1.33 are the heaviest you can purchase today with t-100 being the thinnest and lightest. These steel posts are factory painted green or red with a white top, they are driven into the ground with a large t-post hand held or pneumatic(air) driver.

An ideal spacing for these t-posts is 12.5 feet apart, Washington State law requires a minimum of 18 ft. between posts for farm animals. Galvanized spiral fence stays keep barbed wire lines trim and evenly spaced. They are available in 100-piece bundles of 36"-42" and 48" found at your local farm hardware store.

4 strand barbed wire along a dirt road for security and keep out purposes 4 layers of 2 point barbed wire

4 strands of barbed wire with red T125 weight t-posts 4 strands of barbed wire with red T 125 posts

Barbless Wire fence

This smooth, galvanized double-strand wire is perfect for horse or cattle fencing fills. Use where barbed wire is not appropriate, but more strength than single-strand wire is required.

Gate posts

Generally a post size 2 7/8 inch for walk gates and 4 inch to 6 5/8 inch in diameter for real large and heavy drive gates up to 14 ft. in length. A cheaper but not recommended option is to use a smaller post but would have to hang on to the gate as you swing it open or closed, setting it on a block when it is in the open or closed position to eliminate any sagging of your post with this low cost method.

Barbed wire with a large galvanized 4 rail gate Galvanized 4 rail gate on a 6 5/8 inch post with bull dog hinges.

12 foot drive custom galvanized gate with field fence on it A 12 foot drive custom galvanized gate with field fence or a wire panels may be used.

Installation of barbed wire

Installing barbed wire can be hazardous, a good trail is key to success, we use a custom made cart that holds the roll of wire and is pulled along the path unrolling the wire as you walk. Tightening of the wire takes years of experience to know just when to quit, keeping in mind the this wire will expand and contract as temperature changes, the wire itself is designed to allow for some of this expansion and contraction.

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