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Field Fence and Hog Wire

Hog wire, Field fence

This unique design has larger spacing at the top so animals can easily see out and closer spacing so fencing can't be penetrated at the bottom. This fence handles the tough task of corralling herds of cattle, horses, sheep, swine or other large animals because it can hold up to ongoing abuse.

Special wire crimps allow fencing to expand and contract

as temperatures rise and fall. A variety of heights and styles offer more choices for confining cattle, hogs, horses, or other large animals.

Available in 32 inch, 39 inch, 47 inch heights

usually starting at 6 inches squares at the top and graduating down to 6 inch wide by 3 inches tall squares at the bottom. An all terrain fencing ideal for rolling hilly areas, corrals, and pastures.

1 or 2 strands of barbed or barbless wire of 12.5 gauge or a Hot Wire (smooth) usually 14 gauge can be added to the top of your fence for extra security for your animals.

The Line posts are usually a T post spaced 12-13 feet apart these can be T-125 or a heavy T-133, they come in red or green with white tops and are driven into the ground with a t-post pounder.

Valley Fence LLC uses field fence stretcher to make sure the wire is nice and tight.

For corners and ends we use 2 3/8 inch galvanized tube with angle braces concreted with a thrust block to prevent pull over.

47 inch filed fence wire installation with a cleared path on level soft farm ground is the most affordable option.

Large gate entry with filed fence on sides of gate.

Large 6 ft. tall entry gate with galvanized panel filled and fencing on sides of gate, this is a 6 5/8 inch post.

Horses and ponies are safer kept inside woven wire fences with squares of smaller dimensions, such as "no climb" fence with the smaller squares.

"No climb" Wire Mesh

This closely-woven 2"x 4" vertical mesh pattern has been specifically designed to prevent horses, cows, sheep, goats, or other hoofed or hooved animals from "stepping through" or "walking down" the fence.

This fence offers rigid yet flexible construction that makes it ideal for installation on level terrain. Its superior strength and narrow "non-climb" mesh pattern are designed to withstand the

Most vigorous of equine antics with ease

The bright galvanized finish presents a handsome appearance with virtually no maintenance. Also suitable for home owner built dog kennels Available in 4 ft. 5 ft. 6 ft. the ground has to be level for this to look nice.

Gate posts

Gate posts are generally 2 7/8 inch for walk gates and 4 inch to

6 5/8 inch for real large and heavy gates up to 14 ft

A 12 ft. custom galvanized gate requires a 4 inch steel gate post with bull dog hinges and a galvanized lockable latch.

A 14 ft. to 16 ft. custom galvanized gate requires a 6 5/8 inch gate post with bull dog hinges and a galvanized lockable latch.

47 inch field fence with 1 wire in the middle and 1 Barbless wire on top

47 inch field fence with 1 wire in the middle and 1 barbless wire on top

A plastic T-post cap for protection of your animals is also an option for you fence.

Woven wire

A closely-spaced woven wire such as this "no climb" fence has a lower risk of animals becoming entrapped and injured Barbed wire cannot effectively contain pigs, sheep, or goats.

Where these animals are to be fenced, woven wire is used instead, often with one or several strands of barbed wire at the top.

Large woven wire with large squares is also dangerous for horses as they can put a foot through the wide squares and then become tangled in the fence.

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