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Options for Chain link Fences

Chain-link Steel fittings Option

Chain link fencing is probably the most durable type of fencing that you can purchase.

Steel fittings are a very affordable upgrade over the cheaper die-cast fittings.

There are many different gauges, which are basically the diameter of the wire. The higher the gauge number the smaller the wire diameter is.

This fabric is formed by weaving a series of spirals together and can be purchased in heights of 3 ft, 42 inch, 4 ft, 5 ft, 6 ft, 7 ft, 8 ft, 10 ft and 12 ft.

Steel fittings

These fittings are available as an upgrade over the cheaper die-cast aluminum fittings as well.

This is another upgrade for your chainlink fence it is a pressed steel rail end instead of die cast

This is another upgrade for your fence, it is a pressed steel rail end instead of die cast

There are many coatings used, one of which is zinc. It takes two different processes to apply it to the wire. This is where wire rod is drawn to the finished gauge and then weaved into a chain-link fabric.

We recommend tension wire at the bottom of all chain link fences. The wire gives stability and strength to the bottom of the fabric and detours animals such as dogs from doing an under doggy

Tension wire

This wire at the bottom of chain link fences gives stability and strength to the bottom of the fabric.

Then there is the framework, which is tubular steel frame that the fence is attached to. The posts are set in concrete and the top rail is attached to the post and passes true fittings that are set in place. These posts have the same coating as the fence itself.

There are many options and upgrades for chain link fences, chain link fences can be flimsy and thin or a heavy quality built to last.

Heavy duty steel chainlink eye top for added strength and thicker pipe for future slats

Heavy duty steel eye top

This is for added strength and thicker pipe for future slats

When you are putting up a fence such as this there are several types of fittings that are required. They can be classified into three types - those that are used in the line of fence, the fittings that are used on the terminal post and those that are used for the gates.

Gate keepers are great to keep gates from blowing around in the wind

Gate keeper

This holds your chain link gate in the open position

The distance between two parallel wires in the fabric is referred to as mesh size and the most common sizes are a small 2 inch hole or diamonds available through fence contractors with larger sizes diamonds like 2 1/4 or 2 3/8 inch or larger for the do it your self person found at most local major hardware stores.

The quality of the fence is determined by the gauge of the wire and the amount of zinc in the coating that is applied to the wire.

The gates are very important, as they are a part of the fence that will come in contact with people on a regular basis.

Another consideration is diameter and depth of the hole and how much concrete as well as the quality of concrete used.
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