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Residential Chain link Fence

Residential Chain Link Fence

Our residential line is a quality built fence. Top rail is 1 3/8" 16 gauge(.065) with 1 5/8" top rail available as an upgrade. Line posts are 1 7/8" 16 gauge(.065). Our fabric is 11 gauge wire mesh, with 2 squares and heavy 9 gauge wire ties to support the fabric.

End and corner or (terminal) posts

Valley Fence LLC uses 2 3/8" 16 gauge(.065) terminal or end post with a heavy CQ thickness available as an upgrade for slats. Posts are spaced approximately every 10'. Every post gets concreted.

5 foot galvanized chain link fence with 1 5/8 top rail and steel fittings at a pizza place in the Spokane Valley, Washington

5 ft chain link fence with 1 5/8 top rail and steel fittings.

A heavy 9 gauge tension wire installed along the bottom of your fence is also available as an upgrade.

This is a great idea if you have pets or want to strengthen your fence from anything crawling under.

Our custom welded gates

We use 1 3/8" tube frame with square weld corners and 11 gauge wire mesh, 1 5/8" tube frame or larger is available as an upgrade these come with a steel flip latch.

Double drive 5 ft gate with galvanized Chain Link fabric 11 gauge with square welded corners

Double drive 5 ft gate with 1 5/8 tube frame and Galvanized Chain Link eleven gauge fabric by the Dishman Mica road.

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